Our history is your history

Our ancestor Edmond de Montaubert, a French nobleman, gave his life fighting for the American Revolution in the Battle of Brandywine. The Pennsylvania town was given the name “Brandywine” by the Dutch because the color of its waters resembled “burnt-wine.” Brandywine — the name foretold the glory of the de Montaubert family.

Today the Montauberts return to America to share our exclusive premium brandies. Edmond’s grandson, Albert de Montaubert began to distill Cognac in 1842 in the family distillery of Vallein Tercinier.

We hold on to the past

Our family distillery at Vallein Tercinier is the oldest Cognac distillery still (pun intended) in production. We harvest from our own estate vineyards located in the heart of the Cognac region. This real-estate is critical. This small exclusive area, or “cru”, is where Cognac’s finest grapes are produced and given the “appellation” Grande Champagne. Our family purchased these vineyards in 1791.